Vaarweginformatie: het Noord-Willemskanaal kan gestremd zijn ter hoogte van de A.G.S.R. Gyas, in verband met werkzaamheden.

About us

About us

A distinction is made between student rowing associations and "burgerroeiverenigingen" (a rowing club predominantly geared towards non-students). K.G.R. De Hunze is the only "burgerroeivereniging" in Groningen. Anyone from the age of ten can become a member and is very welcomed. We provide rowers with plenty of opportunities and expert guidance to get the best out of themselves.

You will find us in the city center

Our beautiful association building in the heart of the city offers space for many activities. It was designed by Gunnar Daan. It is a good starting point for beautiful rowing outings and training in and around Groningen. The association is conveniently located just ten minutes from the central station by foot!

After the General Assembly gave the green light on 28 November 2018 for the improvement of our boathouse, members of De Hunze and the contractor got to work quickly. The renovation has now been completed.

More information on becoming a member can be found by visiting