Let op! Voorwaardelijk vaarverbod Julianabrug in de periode tussen maandag 16 mei en zaterdag 4 juni. In die periode geldt: maandag tot en met vrijdag:  doorvaart uitsluitend mogelijk tussen 17:00 en zonsondergang. zaterdag en zondag: doorvaart vrij (zie nader: Werkzaamheden Muntingbrug en Julianabrug: gevolgen voor onderdoorvaart bruggen – KGR De Hunze)

About us

About us

A distinction is made between student rowing associations and "burgerroeiverenigingen" (a rowing club predominantly geared towards non-students). K.G.R. De Hunze is the only "burgerroeivereniging" in Groningen. Anyone from the age of ten can become a member and is very welcomed. We provide rowers with plenty of opportunities and expert guidance to get the best out of themselves.

Our association was founded on February 19, 1886. The right to use the Predicate Royal was granted by HM Queen Juliana on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the association in 1961. Our association aims to promote rowing and to give the members the opportunity to socialize. Rowing was and is actively practiced. At competitions, both national and international, the finals are regularly attained and medals are won. Most of the members row in and around the city of Groningen in a more relaxed way. The age ranges from 12 to 91 years. Partly due to its central location in the city, De Hunze has always been part of urban events and has acquired a clear place in the North.

From 1952-1992, our association was housed in a beautiful location on the Ubbo Emmiussingel, in the Verbindingskanaal. It took seven years of struggle by the then administration of De Hunze to realize that boathouse, after the previous accommodation was destroyed during the liberation of the city in 1945. In 1986 it turned out that the city council had included the location of the boathouse in its building plans. Finally, it was inevitable that the new Groninger Museum, to a design by Alessandro Mendini, would be built there. As a result, De Hunze has been developing its activities from 1992 onwards from the boathouse at Praediniussingel 32.

The beautiful association building in the heart of the city offers space for many activities. It was designed by Gunnar Daan and is a ten minute walk from the central station, in the city center. It forms the departure point for the boats in three directions: to the northwest over A and Reitdiep to Dorkwerd, to the southeast over the Noord-Willemskanaal to the Witte Molen, near the provincial border and to the east-southeast over the Verbindingskanaal and the Winschoterdiep to the Waterhuizerbrug. After the General Meeting on 28 November 2018 gave the green light for new construction and renovation of our boathouse, Hunze members and the contractor got to work quickly. We have closely followed the renovation on this page. The renovation was completed in 2019.

Currently there are 430 members. If you want to orientate yourself on membership, you can read more about it at https://www.hunze.nl/lid-worden/