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About us

KGR (Royal Groninger Rowing club) De Hunze is one of the oldest rowing clubs in the Netherlands.
Our key facts and figures:

  • Founded in 1886
  • About 400 members
  • Many rowing groups and crews of all levels of age and experience
  • De Hunze organises several racing and touring events during each year
  • Excellent social network in which members are enabled to participate
  • Lots of facilities and boathouse
  • Location in central Groningen with excellent public transport
  • Barfacilities

De Hunze is the club of choice for expat rowers. You’re welcome! Contact us for more information via e-mail or phone + 31 50 31 22 971.Click here for more information about membershipfee e.a.

Introductory courses to rowing

Would you like to learn how to row? Are you curious as to whether rowing is something for you? One cannot simply step into a boat and row, one must first learn how to do so. De Hunze is more than happy to teach you how to row during the introductory course! The courses are given in a wherry (two rowers with one instructor) or in a skiff (single boat).
In spring you are welcome to join the introductory course. You will learn the basics of rowing in six to eight weeks. Each introductory course starts with a meeting about the course and De Hunze. Instructors and students also make agreements about class activities amongst other things. On Saturday there is a joint group lesson where you meet with the entire beginners course, your learning group and your instructor. After the introductory course, everyone will follow a steering course. Each course ends with an “exam”, after which you can row independently.

De Hunze is partly dependant on the water temperature. Before May 1 or if the water temperature is below 10°C, for safety reasons, no lessons may be given in a skiff. To start, the first introductory course in a wherry starts in March / April. The second course starts a few weeks after the first course has finished and therefore usually falls (partly) in the months of May / June / July. The duration of the course is on average six to eight weeks in which you take ten to twelve lessons.
For all courses we depend on the availability of experienced instructors.

Free information meeting

Anyone with an interest in rowing is welcome to come to the free information meeting. Registering (here) for the meeting is preferred but not necessary. After going to the information meeting you can decide whether you would like to sign up to the introductory course. If there are more registrations for the introductory course than there are course places, a selection will be made on the date of registration. If there is too much enthusiasm for a particular course, we cannot always place everyone immediately in the next introductory course and we divide the students between courses .The cost of the introductory course is € 65. As a course member, you become a prospective member of De Hunze as of the first of the month that the course starts and you only pay the course fee in advance. After three months you decide whether you will remain a permanent member of De Hunze and you will also pay a contribution.